St. Nick Day - Night 8

Right before bed time, I asked Mikey and Ryan to get their shoes, and place them on the fire place for St. Nicholas.
I explained to Mikey that good little boys get treats and naughty little boys have to go to church and pray about their bad behavior.
He thought the idea of treats sounded like a good plan...
Mikey lining up his and Ryan's shoes.

Ryan and Mikey
When I was tucking Mikey into bed, he was very confused:
Mikey: "Mommy, when is that "guy" going to take my shoes?"
Me: "Who St. Nick? Oh, Buddy, he fills your shoes with candy, he doesn't take them..."
Mikey: " Mommy I am a good boy, I hope I get chocolate..."
***Gosh, the mind of a 3 year old is just so sweet!***

Ryan's treats...okay, I am aware that shoes are supposed to be filled.

Mikey's bucket...see the movie ELF?!

Buddy and Max

*** This morning while getting dressed, Mikey asked about the "guy" stealing his shoes...yikes, he still didn't understand!!!!***
Finally down stairs, he sees the goodies on the fire place, and forgets all about the "shoe thief."

Mikey and Ryan opening their gifts from St. Nick!

Mikey loved his Toy Story Band-aides!


Ryan was so funny to watch, as he would rip one little piece of paper off and walk it over to Mikey's wrapping paper took FOREVER.
He would giggle with each ripping sound!
It was really fun to watch him open his gifts!

Mikey and Ryan checking out each other's goodies...Mikey loved his movies and Ryan would NOT let go of his PEZ dispenser!
Thank you St. Nicholas for all of the fun things!
(Sorry, that my 3 year old thinks of you as the shoe thief. Maybe next year...???)


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