Sunday, April 3, 2011


Mr. Bob and Mrs. Shelley brought blue crab...2 dozen crabs...it was amazing!

Mikey had his first lesson on how to eat a whole crab!

First step, pick up the crab and look at how big it is!

Next step, show your little brother that the claw can pinch...

Watch little brother flip out... as Ryan thinks the crab is still alive! Next get a mallet, and whack the snot out of the crab!

Once you have cracked the shell, and ripped the poor little legs off his body...eat the crab, as he is delicious!

Funny moment of the evening:

"Where are the blue crabs? These crabs are orange..." - Jenny

"Now time for clean up...I will wear gloves, as the shells are still covered in Old Bay seasoning...

A few long time residents had many laughs, on my behalf...lesson learned!

***Blue crabs, turn orange once boiled.

And who the heck touches crabs with gloves, even if you have already eaten and washed your hands...just makes for a funny picture!***

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