Build & Grow Clinic - School House Photo Holder

Our 4 year old son Mikey, loves to attend the bi-monthly FREE Build and Grow Clinics, given by Lowe's.

Registration is quick and easy, and they send an instant email confirmation to verify you are registered.

Our son knows to head to the lumber department, where the friendly staff hands us a FREE kit, patch, and kid size hammer.

(This is why our son has always called Lowe's, "The Hammer Store.")

This week's kit was for a school house photo holder.

I love that the kit includes "blue prints," that are easy to read!

Mikey, loves working with Daddy to complete the project.

Mikey and his school house.

(Funny Mikey quote, "Mommy, where is the door bell? I need a door bell, so it will make ding-dong sounds.")


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