More Than Meets the Eye

Ryan and Mikey have fallen in love with Transformers!

(We have been watching the cartoons, and movies.)

For weeks Mikey, has been asking to break into his piggy bank, so that we could go to the store to buy a Transformer toy.

We have been potty training, and reached a mile diapers, and have been dry through the night for a week, so Daddy thought a trip to the store was needed!

A very happy Ryan and Mikey, with their new Transformers!

Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime

I can remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and Transformers would be on. My brothers had Transformers toys, when we were little.

It is amazing how everything comes full circle!

**On a side note, I wish the "transformation" would be easier for the boys little hands! I swear Mike and I have changed the vehicles into robots, about one hundred times!**


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