Soaked Up Philly Like a Sponge!

We took a day trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the goal of seeing a bell, and tasting a world famous cheese steak!

We circled Geno's and Pat's Cheese Steak stand, and never found a parking spot.

(We missed out on world famous, but found a mom and pop stand instead.)

Mikey and Ryan, loved that the birds come right up to you, hoping that you drop something.

A true Philly Cheese steak sandwich!

Mikey and Ryan

We then headed over to the Liberty Bell Center.

There were many things to see and learn.

Ryan and Mikey pose with George Washington.

We then waited for our turn to pose with the Liberty Bell, as I was handing the camera to Mike, Ryan made a break for it...and he ran under the bell. Past the ropes and national park ranger...needless to say he was almost arrested and given a juvenile record at 2 years old.

Mikey, Mommy, and a scared and unhappy Ryan.

The Liberty Bell

A little better, but its the back side of the bell!

Are you ready for it...the picture of the inside of the Liberty Bell, thank goodness Daddy has long arms. I was amazed at how close you could get to it, but do not dream of touching it!

Liberty Hall is currently being restored, and the tour tickets all were given away early this morning, but I can say that I have seen it! I had chills knowing that the United Stated was formed on the same soil, in which I stood...pretty humbling!

Mikey loved watching the numerous horse drawn carriages, so we took a moment and just watched!

So proud to be an American!

**Thank you Mike, for driving and surprising us with an amazing day in Philly!

We soaked up Philly like a sponge!**


  1. How fun! It looks like you are enjoying the north east. =)


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