Fall Fun

"Full day planned: craft time, fire house, and Fall Festival...hope the kids can keep up, this Momma is on the move!"- my status on FB this morning

We were blessed with beautiful weather this weekend, and I knew there were a few events going on locally...the boys had no clue what all I had planned.

We started out at the craft store making hand print bats. Mikey loved his hands being painted white, and made the comment that his hands look like a skeleton! Thank goodness the store had a bathroom, as the paint dried very quickly, and we had to scrub our hands clean!

Next we headed to the local fire house for their annual open house. The boys had a blast! Can you say "fire house SWAG," tons of freebies and giveaways! We ended up with fire hats, crayons, coloring books, a ruler, band aids, stickers, and key chain. The best part? Climbing all over the fire equipment! Ryan was happy they had hot dogs and cookies! Two very happy Jr. Firemen, did not want to leave the fire house!

We ended our afternoon at a local Fall Festival.

There were kids games, ride on tractors, and a hay ride.


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