Halloween 2011

When we asked the boys what they wanted to be for Halloween, both of them said Transformers! Neither one of them changed their minds, no matter how many times we asked!

Mikey chose Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobots.

Ryan chose to be Bumble Bee, who is a guardian autobot.

We then told Mikey he needed to learn a joke, in the event someone picked "trick," after he said trick or treat.

This is the joke Mikey picked, understand that he is 4...

Knock, knock...

Who's there?
Optimus Prime...DUH!

He would say this, and laugh at himself!

(Thank goodness, he didn't have to tell anyone a joke...it was not funny!)

Mikey and Ryan checking out the decorations at the Davis house!

Ryan jumped into the wagon, and told Daddy to go really fast on the tractor!

Ryan was so cute! He thought it was just a night to greet the neighbors and say hello. We were 6 houses in, before he realized there was candy involved! He would say hello, trick or treat, thank you and run off the porch without candy!

Mikey LOVED these eyeball glasses!

The kids made a huge pile of candy, when they dumped out their bags! OMG, we will be eating this candy forever!

Thank you to the Davis family for hosting a pizza party prior to heading out! Big thanks goes out to the Rhodes family for the after party, when the kids were really wired! We had an amazing night and loved spending the time with all of you! Bet the neighbors, never expected that many kids to land on their porches all at once! Thank you for including us!!


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