Layover Anyone?

Jennifer, Emma, and Katie went to The National Share Walk for Remembrance & Hope, in St. Louis. On their way back to Ohio, they had a layover in Maryland! Who knew that sending an airplane from the Midwest to Ohio via the east coast, would give me time with my Best Friend?

After a game of "where are you now?" on our cell phones, we found each other!

All 7 of us sat down, and shared lunch and played catch up.

Jenn had the crab cake; I was really worried that it would be horrible as it was made in an airport kitchen, but surprisingly she said it was good! (Thank goodness!)
I am amazed at how much Emma and Katie have grown! They are little people now, with their own distinct personalities...I just want to love on them forever!

Thank you Jennifer for spending the time with us, when you easily could have hung out at your departing gate! I just love when we are together, no matter how short the visit!

Emma, Jenn, Katie, Jenny, Mike, Mikey, and Ryan

**P.S. - Ryan's face in this picture cracks me up. Will he be rotten about having his picture taken in the near future? (I hope not!)

P.S.S - I love that all 3 of my boys are wearing St. Louis Cardinal hats, in honor of their NLCS win last night! Bring on the World Series!**


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