Love from the Great Pumpkin

Mikey and Ryan wanted to send some love to our neighbors, Bryce and Miranda.

We found a few goodies, and made a tag that said:

You've been BOO'ed!

Don't let the BOO end with you, share the love!

oxoxo, The Great Pumpkin

Mikey and Ryan loved filling the pumpkin. (They might have had a few pieces of candy.)

Wrapped and ready to go!

Mikey and Ryan with their gift!

Ryan and Mikey, set the pumpkin down...

...and ran away!

***Ryan needs to work on his stealth like sneaky moves. Mr. Wayne's riding lawn mower was the first thing we saw when we arrived, needless to say Ryan talked about it the whole time we were there, making the drop. Thank goodness we weren't caught!

This was SO much fun, that the boys can't wait for the next holiday!***


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