Elf Mischief Night 1 - TP Reindeer

Buddy and Max arrived safe and sound after a long trip from the North Pole.

They rode in on a sleigh, driven by 9 reindeer!

Mikey and Ryan, didn't see them at first. It wasn't until after breakfast, that Mikey exclaimed "Mommy, I see something over here...hurry!"

With Ryan following behind, we all ran in to see Buddy and Max, and their 9 reindeer!

Mikey was full of questions:
"How did they get in here?
Did they bring anything in the sleigh?
Why are the reindeer not moving?
Did the reindeer fly the whole way here?
Did Santa get our letters?"

Ryan just picked up Max, and gave him a hug!

Welcome back to our home, Buddy and Max!
We can't wait to see all of the fun things you will come up with this year!

*Found the sleigh at goodwill for less than $2, this past summer.

*Been saving the TP rolls for a few weeks.

*Legs and head with antlers were made from the paper roll, once I used a whole roll of wrapping paper. (P.s. - found out that you can iron thin cardboard with a regular iron.)

*Wiggle eyes and pom pom were found at the local dollar store.

*Inspiration was from this TP reindeer tutorial! Link


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