Macy's Red Mailbox

Mikey and Ryan wrote their letters over a breakfast of pancakes, at the local diner.

(Not so easy avoiding syrup and orange juice!)

They asked if Buddy and Max, could come back to our house this year.

When we arrived at our local Macy's, we were pleased to see that the Believe display was right inside the entrance and easy to find.

(Horrible for picture taking as the sun was pouring through the windows, but very accessible.)

Mikey found the "Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus," book and read it prior to mailing their letters.

Ryan and Mikey first mailed their pictures to Mrs. Claus.

Mikey then mailed his letter to Santa, he asked for a transformer.

Ryan then mailed his letter to Santa, reminding him of the green trash truck he really wants!

Macy's has a new down loadable application for your Android or iPhone. We couldn't wait to try it out in the store. The idea was great, that you could have your picture taken with a "character," from the book.

The store had a set of foot prints for your child to stand on, and you just point and take the picture with your camera phone.

The Believe O' Magic app is found here.
We really struggled with the app, the angle was all wrong, and very hard to get lined up. The kids found it confusing and just did not understand why they had to stand so still. Sorry, Macy's this family did not enjoy your new down load.


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