Pumpkin Catapult

The local nature center had a Fall Festival, with a scavenger hunt, which lead you to several stations all over the park. If you could answer the question from the park ranger you got a stamp in your book.

(Both kiddos have colds, so it was walk a few steps, and then blow your nose!)

Checking out the old water mill, and the miniature diorama of what the mill looked like in 1805.

Mikey and Ryan wanted to look at the dam, and all of the fallen trees from the recent storms.

The nature center had a pine snake and bottle nosed turtle, to touch and look at.

Mikey then dressed up as a bee keeper.

Ryan and Mikey checked out all of the donated pumpkins, ready to fly through the air.

The catapult, was really cool to watch.

Ryan and Mikey loved watching the pumpkins fly!

I didn't get a picture of the flying or smashed pumpkins, but they were wicked fast flying through the air!

The boys loved every moment of pumpkin destruction!


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