Elf Mischief Night 18 - Donut Snowman

Max and Buddy, made snowmen out of powdered mini donuts!

They also found a plate, bowl, and cup with a snowman on them.

Buddy was very please with how his turned out!

Max was worried his might fall over, but said it was fun to make!


Mikey and Ryan loved having donuts, and wanted the snowmen to join them!

Neither of the boys wanted to eat the snowmen, as they thought they were so cool!

(Yes, we love "messy," donuts in this house!)

*Thanks to Pinterest and this link, for the inspiration for the mini donut idea.

*The snowman plates and bowls, were found in the Target dollar section.

*Funny and 1st challenge...powdered sugar donut holes for the head. I saw them at the local grocery store weeks ago, when I decided to do this one night, but yesterday when I went to the store, I could NOT find them!

*I used glazed donut holes, and just rolled them through some powdered sugar I had at home!

*The other challenge, and I could kick myself...I bought the unsugared gum drops, for the nose 2 weeks ago when I saw them I knew they would be perfect. Yet, when I went to shape the orange gum drop into a "carrot," shape...they were rock hard, and could not be shaped into a pointy carrot shape! oops!


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