Elf Mischief Night 22 - Candy Cane Names

We heard Buddy and Max making lots of noise last night in the kitchen!

They took candy canes, and shaped them into the boys names!

Then added candy canes to form hearts!

Mikey and Ryan

Mikey was so excited he picked up the M to look a little closer..sadly the M snapped right in half, as it was fragile!

Ryan thought his R was great, and held it up to look through it!

**Making the names from candy canes was hard!

The tutorial said to break up the candy canes into manageable pieces to form the letters. She did not mention how to form the letters or that the candy canes would roll all over the place!

**First round of baking at 250 degrees...the Y and N flattened out, and had to be reshaped.

(Not sure if my cheapo dollar store candy canes played a part in the uneven melting process.)

**The final project turned out great! I learned so much about how to work with candy canes. If I ever do this again, maybe for Valentines day...I think the process would go so much easier!

**Thanks to Make and Takes at Link

**The inspiration came from this picture, but her blog seems to be taken down now Link


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