Elf Mischief Night 26 - Camp Out

Max, Buddy, and Charlie Brown went on a camp out; with an elf sized tent and sleeping bags! They also roasted marshmallows over the fire!

I love the Christmas themed tent, and the candy cane poles!

Mikey yelled "Oh my gosh, a tent and fire!"

Ryan was telling Charlie Brown to go to bed.
It was just a ploy to eat his marshmallow!

The sleeping bags roll up, and can be tied with a bow!

**I made the tent back in October and was shocked at how easy it was. Had I had the time, and not been hiding this project from the kids, I easily could have finished it in one afternoon.

Thank you for the inspiration and tutorial, Sew Momma Sew! Her tutorial is found here.

**I wanted the plain white poles to have some color, so I used thin red electrical tape; and wrapped the poles to look like candy canes.

**Thank you to Clean Mamma and her simple doll sleeping bag pattern, found here.

**You can't really tell in the photos, but I used a battery operated flameless candle I found at the dollar store, at Halloween time. (Used for pumpkins?)


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