Elf Mischief Night 7 - Counting Down

We started a few traditions last year, and I was looking forward to December first, so that we could do them again!

Buddy and Max brought our family Advent calendar, and 25 books of Christmas!

Another great surprise was on our door step this morning! Our neighbor, Mr. Bob, brought the boys their own card board Advent Calendar, where you open a window every day, and find a small square of chocolate!

Between the basket of wrapped books, and the 2 gifts from Bob, Mikey and Ryan thought it was Christmas morning!

They loved them, they couldn't wait to open window #1!
(Ok, Ryan wanted to open all of them...but we told him to wait!)

My friend Leanne, told me all about the 25 books of Christmas, that she does for her kids, as I had never heard of it until last year.

I was excited to do it, but gathered other books when I discovered I didn't have that many Christmas themed books.

So, this year I went to Goodwill, in the middle of the summer, and hit the jackpot! I found enough books to complete my collection, and had 25 books all about Christmas.

(Who cares if the books are used, and just needed a good home?)

Our family is opening a book each night, for story time, as story time has become a very special time for us as a family each night!


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