Heart Frame Photo Prop

Heart Frame Photo Prop:

  • (1) Large box
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Gorilla glue
  • red wrapping paper
  • (2) spools of ribbon

  1. I cut the box open, and removed the two skinny sides.

    2. I ended up with two square card board pieces.
    3. Using brown paper, I made a very simple template for a heart shape.

    4. After I cut out the simple heart shape, I then drew another heart shape inside. 5. I laid the template on the card board, and drew the design on with a sharpie.
    6. I made two hearts, one on each square of card board.

    7. Use very sharp scissors to cut the card board.
    8. You will end up with two very rough hearts.
    9. Using the Gorilla Glue, use enough glue to bond the two hearts together. Then let the glue cure per the box instructions.
    10. Gather your tape, scissors, wrapping paper, and ribbon.

    11. Begin wrapping the heart, you may need to gather or pinch the paper as you go, tape every few inches.
    12. When you get to the center point of the heart, cut a slit in your paper to get a crisp point.
    13. Cut the center of the heart out, so that you can begin wrapping the inside.
    14. Cut slits in the paper every few inches, so that you can pull the paper as close to the form as possible, with out tearing the paper.
    15. Your heart is now covered!
    16. Start winding your ribbon around the heart, and tape the back side, every few wraps to secure the ribbon in place.
    17. Your heart photo prop is complete!

    Just an example of how the prop can be used. I will be taking pictures of my two boys, while they hold it! (I think it will make pretty cute valentines.)


  1. great idea..thanks =)

  2. I love this Jenny!! I think I might use this for the girls!


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