Lobsters are Cold

When we arrived at our local Red Lobster, for Lobster Fest, Mikey couldn't wait to look in the lobster tank. Ryan was a little apprehensive, and thought he would be much happier with Daddy. Where as if Mikey could have climbed on to a chair he would have fished one of the lobsters out himself! He had a whole plan; he was going to catch one, take it to the chef, tell him to boil it, and then he was going to season it with Old Bay Seasoning. Where this kid comes up with this stuff, I will never know!?! 

We were quickly seated, and placed our order. Ryan wanted chicken strips, and french fries. Mikey is a little more adventurous, and went with popcorn shrimp! Mike and I enjoyed the Lobster Fest, and lobster pizza as an appetizer. The cheddar bay biscuits, are to die for and the poor waitress just couldn't bring them to the table fast enough!

As we were leaving the manager stopped us, and said that the boys had grown, since he had last seen them. What? He remembered us? Months ago, we grabbed an early lunch after hammer class, and the manager asked the kids if they wanted to help put some new lobsters in the tank. (Mikey was all over it, Ryan declined!) I was very surprised that the manager remembered us, but he did and then asked if the boys wanted to touch a lobster from the tank? Mikey of course said yes, Ryan just nodded his head, but wasn't going any where near that lobster! Mikey held the poor creature after the manger, handed it to him. When little brother saw that, big brother was fearless, and survived...Ryan then stuck out his little hand and touched the lobster too. The manager asked what they thought, and Ryan was the first to answer "He was cold!" The manager then asked what his name was and Mikey named him "Yummy." The manager then tossed "Yummy the lobster," back into the tank, and both boys watched him swim back to the bottom and join his friends.
Thank you for the great food and service! We love our local Red Lobster!


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