Mike the Knight

There is a new show on the Nick Jr. channel, and Mikey has been SO excited to watch it due to the previews! The show is called Mike the Night, once he heard there would be a show with his name...he has been counting the days to the big premiere!

The show is adorable! The main character, wants nothing more than to be a knight, to make his dad proud! He has a horse that is swayed back and knobby kneed, but Mike is determined to make him a noble steed. Mike has an older sister who is in training to be a wizard, so she keeps changing his sword and bow and arrow, to keep him safe. Mike also has a few friends, who happen to be dragons! One is a fire breather, and the other is a water squirter! The show has a lesson or moral in each episode, and it is just awesome! The first two mini stories, within the first episode held the attention of both of my boys for the full 30 minutes! Can not say enough good things about this show!!!
The Nick Jr. website had free coloring sheets and printables!
Mikey picked out the Mike picture, and Ryan chose the dragon!

We tried to sing along with the song sheet, but we still need to learn the theme song. It was a little tricky!
We can not wait for Monday, so we can watch the show around lunch time. On the East coast they will show Mike the Knight around noon time. The boys loved the show, and can't wait to see the next episode!

Watch a clip of the show! See a CLIP here.


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