Potty Training...Oy

Ryan will be 3 next month, and I am amazed at how much he has grown.With change, comes mile stones, and it was time to try potty training again. I know everything I have read says that he will show us when he is ready. So, we are crossing our fingers and learning patience with a capital P. It has been one week, we have had one great day, and many days of almost making it to the potty...but we are not giving up! He seems to do great when naked, but if he wears clothes...he seems to forget! This kid would be naked all the time, if it was socially accepted!

He laughs every time his construction potty chair makes noise! It makes a construction equipment beeping and backing up sound, when the sensor is tripped. Sadly he loves to put other things into the potty, like cars and other toys, just to make the sounds happen. This kid is so gross, but he is clueless about why he is gross! So we have been working with him, and telling him all about yucky germs!

Ryan loves "earning" stickers, and thrives on praise! We have yet to find his one big "prize" to get him excited, but the stickers seem to be working.  How many sticker sheets should we fill? What worked with your little boy or girl? How long did it take to finally take to "click?" I welcome any suggestions!


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