Random Thoughts on Thursday

I had the joy of spend an hour on the phone teaching my Grandma Coleman (Gigi to the boys) how to read this blog. I cant tell you how fun it was to teach her the things that I take for granted. I am always learning, and there are MANY things about social media that are new to me, so I can understand being overwhelmed. She said several times, she had been on the blog, but didn't know how to maneuver around. She would always just look at the top post and sign off, not being a frequent follower she missed many things that were in the "older post or archive" section of the blog. It was so fun to hear her reaction to seeing the boys pictures; you could hear the joy in her voice as see would see a new photo. Gigi, has always been very special to me, We moved out of state last year, so spending this time with her was awesome. I know that there will be a day when she wont be a phone call away, so I truly treasure these moments together.
Gratitude is the word that came to mind, when I had a few moments to think about how special the phone call really was. Gratitude for the moment; and how an hour of my time bonded our friendship even more!
Have you SHARED your blog with those you care about?
Really taken the time to share why you put in the time and effort?
Have you felt GRATITUDE lately?


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