Blog Awesome Challenge: Part 2

When the boys were born, I started a journal and baby book for each of them. Are the bound memory books filled, and just waiting for the day I can present them to their future wives? Umm, no...not even close, instead I have a box of random trinkets, tickets, pictures, and items that are just sitting on a shelf. The one thing I have kept going to document the boys journey, is this blog. My goals changed in 2012, to tell their story in words and pictures. If anyone were to stumble on the blog, or find the blog through Pinterest or Twitter, I wanted the reader to have a better understanding of who we were, not just our faces. My two spunky guys are at an age where many things happen in a week, and if I didn't write about our adventures, it would get lost in the chaos of life.

Everyone needs a mentor or a network of friends to bounce ideas off of. I have found so many brilliant ladies, who make blogging an art form, and I aspire to be like them. Until this year, I secretly "blog stalked," them reading and following their blogs for the last few years to the point that I feel like I have met them in person. It never occurred to me to reach out, and ask questions or leave a comment to open the lines of communication.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest my eyes were also opened to the world of blogging conferences. I have never attended a blogging conference, but one of my goals for 2012 is attend one, and soak up every detail I can about blogging. (I have so much to learn, and am the first to admit that I am clueless to so many things!) I fell in love with the SITS Girls and their one day conference Bloggy Boot Camp! I felt that I could glean so much information from them, and with it being on a Saturday and only one day, I could make this happen! Topics covered to include: Business of Blogging, Using StumbleUpon and Pinterest, Vlogging, SEO, Design, and Writers Workshop; each of these are areas where I need to focus my attention! Ummm...where do I need to sign up?
social media conferences for women-bloggy boot camp
When I found out Tots2Tweens was hosting a Blog Awesome Challenge, and sending someone to the Philiadelphia Bloogy Boot Camp with Dani Gurrie, and Amanda Rodriguez of Parenting By Dummies, I was beyond excited! (This local website, is awesome and I have used it to find birthday party inspiration, to find Maryland and surrounding area local events.) The Blog Awesome Challenge focuses on: purpose, finding your niche,  design, content, blogging etiquette, and simple sound advice from ladies who were hand selected! (Ummm...once again, exactly what I have been looking for, so that I can meet my blogging goals!) The selected winner of the Blog Awesome Challenge wins a Bloggy Boot Camp conference Sponsorship, and a paid internship! How awesome is that!? 

Follow these awesome ladies on Twitter: @tots2tweens, @SITSGirls, @dumbparent@aMusingfoodie, and @BloggyBootCamp for great information!


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