Blog Dare: 77

Today's Prompt:   How adults should celebrate their birthdays...

I think adults should celebrate their birthdays, with as much gusto and anticipation as children do! Maybe if we would retain our youthful bodies and exuberance, we could do some really fun things like:

1. Dancing the "Time Warp" annually!
My friends and I loved dancing the Time Warp at dances and in front of our televisions, when we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Why not do it every year on our birthdays?
2. Eat birthday cake, cheesecake, pie, or any other dessert without guilt!

I have a sweet tooth, and really enjoy dessert...I mean REALLY enjoy like every bite brings a smile to my face! Yet, after I inhale the decadence I question "Why on earth did I do that?" Kids don't think twice about digging right into a frosting slathered piece of birthday cake, and do not ever think about it a few hours later! Why can't I have a huge slice of cake and a huge butt?
3. Get dressed up...either in a group theme or prom like fashion!

It should be a requirement to do something out of the norm, like dressing in formals or dressing up as a group.. Nothing over the top like Halloween, but everyone wears a crazy hat or obnoxious sweater. Just something fun, and unforgettable! Why do birthdays have to normal like any other day, once we grow up?

Children count down the days until their birthday, and we should have the same mind set. "Oh, hey so-and-so, I hear you are turning 37, how many days away? Are you excited? Just think of all the cards and surprises your day will hold!," is how a conversation should go about your upcoming birthday. Ask any child under 10, and they will know how far away the day is, what is on their wish list, and how over the moon excited they are about it!

Why cant we be that excited as adults, who made the rules? Does anyone else agree with me that the "Just another year," theory needs to go out the window? 


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