Blog Dare: 83

Today's Prompt:    My most unhealthy habit...

My most unhealthy habit, is that I rarely exercise. I do not run on a treadmill, do sit ups, or attend yoga classes. I run up and down stairs all day, and chase after 2 boys! We take walks or run around in the back yard, but setting aside time to exercise every day, just isn't something I have done since the kids were born.

I bow down to the moms that have active gym memberships, and are able to go to yoga or zumba classes! They wear cute work out clothes, pull their hair up in a cute pony tail, and make perspiration look like it was no big deal! Where as the last time I had an active gym membership and was on a treadmill, it was horrific! I made the local muscle head laugh to the point of almost rolling on the floor; when I fell, bounced twice, tried to stand up twice, and then finally landed at the end of the treadmill with two really bloody knees! I then healed up, made an appointment with a trainer, and she was primal and driven to torture me! I couldn't walk normal for 3 days, after meeting with her, as every muscle in my body hurt! I did stick it out, and got to the point of understanding how someone could enjoy the gym! I have never been athletic in any form, and am the first to admit that it just isn't my strong suit! So, I will find other ways to stay active.

How do you find ways to exercise, rather than hitting the local gym? Do you work out at home with a DVD? Do you bike ride or run every morning? Or, are you like me, and the stairs are you major source of daily exercise?


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