Blog Dare: 86

Today's Prompt:  One year ago today...

One year ago today, we were heading to a birthday party. I look at the picture and it reminds me how much the boys have grown! Ryan had just turned 2, and was just a little sprout! Mikey's face has changed, he was only 3 in the picture, and still had the round baby face!

I think back to a year ago, and Ryan really wasn't talking. He could talk, he just wasn't in any hurry to talk, because Mikey would do all of the talking. Mikey was still in diapers, as he wasn't in any hurry either! So much, happened last summer...small steps, but the chatter box arriving and finally only having one in diapers, was a huge accomplishment for our family!

It is amazing how much has changed in only one years time, what has changed in your family?
Have your little ones reached mile stones?  How much have your children grown in the last 12 months?


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