Blog Dare: 88

Today's Prompt:  Something I used to believe...

I used to believe that my step-grandmother's cat hated me. At the age of 6, I would walk into a room and the cat would hiss, growl, and try to suck out my soul by staring me down! Macho, was a massive cat with wicked yellow eyes, and was the very center of my grandparents world. I could not imagine why this cat hated me, but my grandma claimed I was the only one he ever disliked. I used to believe that he would some day attack me, hold me down, and eat me alive if given the chance. It was so bad that I would stay outside the entire visit, or circumvent a room, just to avoid the cat. When I grew a little older, Macho and I came to an agreement...pretend you don't see me, do not make eye contact, and he would let me live!

Today, my boys think that the vacuum is going to some how suck them into the machine. As, soon as I turn on the vacuum, Mikey's eyes get huge, and he runs out of the room screaming. Ryan is not as scarred of the vacuum, but tells me every time, "Scary loud vacuum Mommy, why so loud?" Mikey has told me that the vacuum would suck him up, if we didn't vacuum really fast, and then put the vacuum away as soon as possible! I almost feel bad for them, as I remember what it is like to be really scarred of something, like a 15 pound cat!

Did you believe the world was out to get you as a kid? Are your kids afraid of anything, like the vacuum?


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