Blog Dare: 89

Today's Prompt: Team Facebook or Google+

When I entered the world of social media, I was beyond clueless as to what I was doing! I now can say I am Team Google+ ...but have a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account.

I still have so much to learn when it come to "getting the word out," and sharing my blog with the world. I have all of these accounts, but just set them all up within the last few months. I learn something new every day, and have connected with some very knowledgeable, and talented ladies! It is a huge sea of information, and getting my feet wet has been one exciting ride!

How are you connecting with people? How do you stay up to date with the latest trends or things that interest you?


  1. I have been learning and doing social media for almost two years. However, I didn't start my own accounts (other than facebook) until much later after that. I will have to find you on Google+ and add you to a circle.


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