Blog Dare: 90

Today's Prompt:  Funny slang we used in high school...

The funny slang we used in high school, was so silly. I look back at that time, and it seems so long ago. I honestly had to think about it, and nothing really came to mind. We had a few silly sayings within our group, but I cant think of anything that was really school wide. A few friends of mine used the code "GAGB," when we would pass notes. It stood for he's "Got A Great Butt." How sad is that it is the only phrase I can recall. (I just called my best friend, and she just validated that we didn't have any slang either. She just reminded me that we were squares, and were pretty lame!) Funny how things change; silliness is all in perspective, and those within the circle.

I can't say as a mother I use slang. We have silly phrases and many nicknames for the boys. How many families giggle, when the say "Hey, Spider Monkey!?" Not sure if those kinds of things count as slang, but they bring us humor and joy. Silly little things that mean something to us, and have very little meaning to anyone outside of our home, are the things we find funny.

Did you use slang in high school? Does your family have phrases or inside jokes?


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