Blog Dare: 91

Today's Prompt:  The scariest fashion comeback...

I couldn't even begin to tell you what the scariest fashion comeback is. I am not fashion savvy, or any where near being trendy! I can tell you about the horrible fashion decisions, I have made! I should hold my head in shame, and never show any of the pictures that would prove it! Yet, I am willing to share the pictures with you, in the hopes that you will not look down on me or that you will laugh too hard!

1. Lets talk about really big hair, during the 90's. The bigger your bangs, the better. Nothing like teasing your hair, curling the ends under, and shellacking them with half a can of hair spray!

2. Then there was the time that I shocked my mother my cutting off all of my long hair, and got this lovely haircut! Layered, and unbalanced, and yet I was still able to have really tall bangs. (Just awful!)

3. Then I wore this hideous blazer, every chance I could! I layered it over many fashion atrocities, and used it as a "fashion," statement...yes, I am so embarrassed!

4. I then got stuck in the turtle neck and denim stage...and braces. I changed the colors of the bands on my braces, to match what ever holiday or formal dance was coming up! Why on earth I thought this was fashion worthy, I have no idea...but I loved it!

5. I will now leave you with one last fashion blunder...denim on denim! Yes, I loved this Daffy Duck shirt, and wore it every where! So many things to make fun of in this picture...huge glasses, strange "Urkle nerd like pose," and head to toe denim! (Thank goodness I wasn't sporting a turtle neck...)

So, as you can see in these "lovely," pictures and blast from my past pictures...I had zero interest in the latest fashion tends. I can only look back and laugh at myself!

What item of clothing did you wear every where or think was "stylish?" If you dug through a box of photographs, would you cringe in horror at you fashion sense? (NO? then did you get a laugh out of these pictures?)


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