Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Dare:80

Today's Prompt:   I am strong because...

I am strong because, of my three guys. Motherhood is not for weaklings or the faint at heart!
  1. Can you think of a single time that cleaning up vomit or a diaper blow out, didn't take ever fiber of your being to clean up, without getting ill yourself? I mean talk about pillar of strength!
  2. Mothers must be strong when their little guys are sick, or get hurt. I know the few times the boys have fallen, and gotten injured enough to draw blood, I know that I can not flip out! Mom must hold it together or else the situation can be magnified!
  3. Just keeping your sanity, as a Mom takes daily strength. Motherhood would swallow me whole if I didn't have the strength to carry on. Thank goodness, every morning starts a new day! It is a choice to start fresh and new, deciding that today will not suck as bad as yesterday...in fact it might be the best day we have ever had!
  4. Being a wife and mother, isn't the same. It takes strength and courage to be both, and retain both relationships. Knowing when to lean on your partner, and admit that you need help, takes a very strong woman!
I know I am a strong woman, who needs the three men in my life. What makes you strong?