Blog Dare:81

Today's Prompt:   I dislike {insert random object here} because...

I dislike going through and rotating the boys clothes, because it reminds me of how much they have grown in the last six months. Today in a mad scramble and desire to spring clean; I sorted, rotated the seasonal, and bagged a whole bag of 18-24 months clothes. I was reminded that the task was necessary, when all of Ryan's pants were over the ankles, and he looked like a dork! The boys are so funny, when they see me sort their clothes, almost like they are seeing long lost friends! Mikey at one point in the process said, "Oh, Mommy you found my Thomas PJ's, can Ryan wear them now?" It was almost like he was passing the torch, and was so proud to share with Ryan. I was a puddle of mush, as I bagged each little shirt or pants for donation. I remember each item being worn by the boys, and the memory tied to it. In my opinion when your little one moves into the 2T size, they are no longer "babies." I now have two "Big Guys," and my days of babies are over. It is a sweet and sour thing to think about, but I know ever Momma has faced this. As their Momma, it just reminds me how much I dislike that they are going up! OK, I really love it, but I miss holding little babies!

Am I the only strange Mom, that tears up when donating baby clothes? What kinds of things are you "sad," to donate or let go?


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