Blog Post:79

Today's Prompt:   ...and that's why it was a little creepy.

Random, comments from a strange man, on my blog really flipped me out. Especially when I looked at my traffic feed page, and find out that someone searched for "Jenny in the bathtub," and my blog is where they ended up. I was shocked, grossed out and really surprised, as the blog post in question was of the first time the boys took a bath together...and that is why it was a little creepy!

I have since put up the "approval" for comments feature, as it was so creepy. I always wonder if the boys are too "exposed," in that I post pictures of them and use their names. I want to protect them from the weirdos, and keep them under my wings. Yet, how would I tell the story of our lives without using names and pictures?

How do you protect your kids? What features have you put on your blog to protect your family?


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