Doc McStuffins Premier Party

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It's time to visit the Doc!
Doc McStuffins Coming to Disney Junior March 23, 2012 at 10/9 central
Doc McStuffins, Disney Junior's newest show premieres Friday, March 23 at 10am/9c on Disney Junior.  Doc McStuffins is the sweet story of a little girl who can talk to stuffed animals and toys.  And they talk to her, especially when they need some help from the doctor.  Young kids will love watching Doc McStuffins treat her stuffed animals in her backyard clinic!  With lessons on good health and compassion, grown-ups will love this show just as much as the kids!
Perfect for ages 2-8.

We were invited to attend the advanced screening of Disney Junior's, Doc McStuffins, hosted by Shae Jackson, of Macaroni Kid Baltimore, at Pump It Up. When we arrived, we were greeted by Shea and Tracy in person,  and received hugs for an added bonus! Open jump time, was offered on a huge slide, obstacle course, climbing wall, and jousting arena. The premiere of "Doc McStuffins," was projected on to a wall, for our viewing pleasure. My two little guys hung on every word, and sat through two 15 minute episodes. The first episode introduced us to a beautiful little girl, named Doc McStuffins and her collection of friends, whom she helps in her back yard health clinic. My guys loved the second episode, which was all about a race car named Ricardo, who just couldn't win the race as he had run out of energy. The Doc did a full work up, and found that he needed to be recharged. I love that the show is not targeted to just girls or boys, but is very inclusive, and all in attendance were able to connect with wanting to help a friend in need. After the premiere, the children were all invited to give their favorite stuffed animal a check up, Shea supplied band aids and a medical kit. Once all of the stuffed friends were given clean bills of health, snacks of: muffins, Go-gurt yogurt, fruit punch, water, and Mickey Mouse Club House Party Bouquet from Edible Arrangements, were served. It was so fun to see the kids come back to the table with their plates, heaped with pineapple flowers, melon, and strawberries. While the kids had snack time, Shea announced the sponsors of the door prizes: Pirates and Pixies Destinations, Pampered Mommas, and Edible Arrangements. The kids all received goodies bags that included: Doc Mcstuffins stickers, glow bracelets, bubbles, 1 hour of Pump It Up jump time, 1 free kids meal from Chick-Fil-A, and a balloon.  Shea Jackson, and Tracy did a beautiful job hosting the event! Can't wait for Friday, when the show premiers to the public, so we can watch more episodes!


  1. Thanks so much for this nice review Jenny. So glad you guys were able to hang out with us! Sorry, I'm a hugger...blah, blah professionalism, I'm a country girl, we give hugs where I'm from!

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  3. Aww looks like a blast! What a fun oppurtnity!

  4. Wow, what a fun opportunity! Doc Mcstuffins is so cute!


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