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The Tots2Tweens Blog Awesome Challenge has been a blast! I have met some knowledgeable and brilliant ladies who love blogging! Every Wednesday in March, they hosted a Blog Awesome Challenge, which challenged us to try something new in the world of blogging! From writing my “About Me Page,” writing my first post, creating a Facebook page, and linking to Twitter and Pinterest; these ladies taught me many new things in just a few short weeks! From other bloggers, I had read about what needed to be done to promote my blog, but I was clueless as to how to do it professionally and in the correct way! Each of our leaders wrote about what lead them to blog and the simple tools that they have applied to their blogs to find success. I was able to tweet every day, about the Blog Awesome Challenge on Twitter, to encourage my fellow participants and friends to find out more about the Challenge, and why I was involved with this website and great group of ladies!  (Can you say AWESOME and a simple easy way to gain more followers and traffic to my blog!?) I also joined the Tots2Tweens forum on Blog Frog, yet another awesome way to connect with these leaders, who encourage and promote you towards a better blog. These ladies have changed me as a blogger and writer, and have given me a small slice of humble pie! Having the proper tools and sound advice has been a huge help in getting my blog headed in the right direction! The best advice I received during the Blog Awesome Challenge, was to ask questions! I know it sounds simple enough, but to take that first step, and speak up, means you have to step out of your safe comfort zone. Send your favorite blogger an email, comment on her blog, use the Tots2Tweens forums, or contact her though Facebook or twitter.  Reach out to those who are more than willing to share their knowledge, and I promise you will learn something in the process!
Bloggy Boot Camp, to be held this year in Philadelphia, will be my first conference, and I cannot wait to attend. I know that I can represent Tots2Tweens in a professional manner fitting the selection committee needs. If it is spreading the word about the great resources available to Maryland, Washington DC, parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania handing out printed material to anyone who wants to know more about Tots2Tweens, or sharing my Blog Awesome Challenge experience; I know I’m the blogger they have been looking for! I would love to be able to tweet live from the conference about all of the great sessions and happenings, all while using Tots2Tweens in every post! I will gladly write a preview and wrap up post all about the conference, and how Tots2Tweens helped me get there! I would love to work side by side with my fellow Tots2Tween leaders at Bloggy Boot Camp, as I know everyone needs a mentor! Sending me to Bloggy Boot Camp is a win-win for Tots2Tweens and this newbie!  
Am I nervous about attending Bloggy Boot Camp…NO! I am so excited to learn about the business of blogging and meeting new people! I know that the conference will open many new doors, and I welcome those opportunities. I looked into attending a conference, and instantly fell in love with the SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp when I found their website! I am most looking forward to the “Business of Blogging” session, as it will cover creating a media kit, and basic business tools, all key elements to making your blog a business! The conference will also cover: StumbleUpon and Pinterest, Vlogging, SEO, Design, and a Writers Workshop; honestly a few of these sessions almost sound like a foreign language, but I have been hearing about them for months! So, attending these sessions will be a huge benefit to my blog! How cool would it be, to share my experience with the Tots2Tweens readers, once I come home? I look forward to the opportunity and cannot wait to learn while attending the Bloggy Boot Camp conference!
Want to know more about the Blog Awesome leaders and Tots2Tweens check out these links and say hello!

Tots2Tweens Website:

The Blog Awesome Challenge: Link

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**Disclosure: This post was written as part of the Tots2Tweens Blog Awesome Challenge. Should I be selected as the winner I will receive a conference pass to Bloggy Boot Camp Philly as well as other monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.**


  1. Its been great connecting with you on this challenge. Good luck!

  2. Great to meet a fellow Baltimore area blogger! I'm a little late on the Tots 2 Tweens challenge as I've been trying to keep up with family activities. But better late than never, I guess!

    If you'd like to connect on facebook, leave me a note and I'll like ya back!

  3. Good luck! You've grown so much during this challenge!

    1. Thank you so much! Crossing my fingers! Philly is calling!!!


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