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Today's Prompt: Good reasons to turn down a marriage proposal...

Are there good reasons to turn down a marriage proposal? I came up with a few:
  1. He doesn't get along with or adore your parents.
  2. He doesn't want children, and you want them with every fiber of your being.
  3. He doesn't share your appreciation for family gatherings or holiday celebrations.
  4. He isn't grounded in a faith that you were raised on, and you can not come to an agreement.
  5. He isn't smart with money, and he wont hand over the check book.
  6. He doesn't adore all of your hobbies, and will not encourage you to pursue them.
  7. If either of you are under the age of 21.
  8. If you are a St. Louis Cardinal fan and he is Chicago Cubs just wouldn't work.
  9. If you cant imagine growing old with him.
  10. If the thought of marriage freaks you out, or you have any doubts.

There are many reasons to marry someone, but I haven't really given much thought as to why you should not marry. The person you choose to live your life with should make you weak in the knees, and yet you miss when you are not together, and should know and love everything about you.

Have you ever rejected a proposal? Know of someone who has proposed and was turned down? What reasons do you think someone should say no?

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