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Today's Prompt: When I wish my husband would lie...

My husband is my biggest fan and supporter, but because he knows me so well, there are a few things he likes to tease me about. There are have been several times that I have wanted to crawl under the table and hide!

He is the first to tell everyone, that I burned macaroni noodles...who the heck does that? He normally backs up a conversation about my cooking, with a comment about how he enjoys my baking. "She cant cook a gourmet meal, but she is an awesome baker." There are times when I wish my husband would lie, about my cooking skills, or lack there of.

I am also the first to admit that I am not the queen of vehicle maintenance. He has mentioned in countless conversations, how I "destroyed," his bachelor/chick magnet truck with a smoothie, right before we got married! He fails to mention that we were in an accident, and it flew out of my hands on impact. It is not my fault that the smoothie coated the dash and windows with sticky smoothie and strawberry seeds for weeks! Fifteen years later, and I am shocked in the ways that little story manages to pop up in conversations! I just wish he would let it go!!! I also might have killed my Ford Escort, when I did not keep up with the maintenance, but we aren't talking about that!

Are there stories or things that you wish your partner would fib about or not bring up? Does your spouse bring up things, that happened years ago? Does he tease or in a joking way, manage to bring up these stories or facts when others are around?

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