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Today's Prompt: The most ridiculous item (Think as seen on TV)

Thank you to television and their brainwashing commercials, my son has asked relentlessly for live bugs, in a niffy container. He thinks this is the greatest idea, he has ever heard of. He gets really excited ever time he sees the As Seen on TV advertisement for whatever they are currently hocking.
He tells me that he will care for them, and as everything needed is included...he would be able to do it all by himself. I happen to think these items are the most ridiculous items, I have ever seen!

Butterfly Garden
Ladybug Land
I then explained that the kit does not even come with the live bugs, that they have to be ordered and sent through the mail. The live larvae or worms have to then be transferred to the housing unit. I also told him it isn't a fast process, and they would just eat the gel food, and crawl around for a few days or weeks, getting fat. Then one night while he is sleeping they will make a cocoon, and he wont see it happen. I then explained what happens once they mature, and start flying around...they live for a few days, and they die. He was not impressed by my explanation of why I would not be making this purchase on his behalf. Instead he told me he would catch his own bugs, and I would then need to build him a bug house out of netting and wood. So, I wanted to just take the time to say thank you for giving my kid the great idea of bringing bugs into our home!

Have you seen these things on television? What has your kid begged for once he or she saw the advertisement over and over while watching cartoons? What item do you think is just ridiculous?

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