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Today's Prompt: Something that has bothered me this year...

Something that has bothered me this year, is that our family is not here with us. Our family lives in Missouri, and we live in Maryland. I am especially reminded of this during the holidays, birthdays, and on Sundays.We normally had Sunday dinner with my Mother and Father-in-law, when we lived in St. Louis. The food was awesome, but we went so that they boys could spend time with their Grandparents and our nephew Dylan. I miss my Mom and Dad taking the boys for walks, and I am broken hearted that the boys have never ridden a horse. The time spent with our families normally was at home, and did not include lavish outings. Instead time was spent playing outside, swimming, or just snuggling on the couch. I struggle with the idea that we are here, and they are there. Time is flying by, and it has been a year since we have seen or hugged them in person. These are the small things I am reminded of when I know a family event is coming up. Mikey's birthday s next month, and I know we will celebrate it, but it will not be the same without our loved ones near.

For those who live in a different state, how do you connect with Grandparents when they are so far away? How do you stay in touch? How have you coped with their absence on special days?

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