Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blog Dare: 127

Today's Prompt: This song reminds me of...

There are many songs that make me think of certain people, and very specific event but two songs stand out for very different reasons. I grew up during the time of records and cassettes, CD's were a new thing and not everyone had them. You would play your cassette tapes until they warped, and the cassette player would eat it, thus making you rewind it with a pencil. As a young girl, I would play my tapes over and over while listening to Chicago, Def Leopard, Garth Brooks, and Tom Petty; I was not tied to one kind of music and loved the music my parents listened to!

The first song that stands out was played at church camp, 4H camp, my senior year of high school in choir class, and at a funeral of a friend. It became the anthem of saying goodbye to the friends you loved, and had a major impact on me every time I heard it. It was bitter sweet, and often meant an end to something great! Thank you to Michael W. Smith for singing "Friends," as it holds many memories for me.

Friends, by Michael W. Smith

The summer I left for college, a song played on the radio, and it gripped me and held my attention. I had not heard it before, and had to call the radio station to find out who the artist was. Little did I know what the song would come to mean to me. See there was a guy that showed up at my house with my brother Brian, and he and I would fall in love while listening to this song. This all happened sitting in the back of a truck, while this song blared. He then would come to buy me this CD, and play it while he drove me to and from college. This song was a very unorthodox song to dance to at a wedding, but it was a song we insisted be played at our reception. Now every time I hear it, I am reminded of my husband, and how one song would change every aspect of my being!

Now my days are spent listening to theme songs from cartoons or children's programs. I know all the words to The Fresh Beat Band's ending theme song, the opening theme song to Max and Ruby, the very annoying but very well loved Bubble Guppies opening theme song. We also sing numerous songs from Disney movies, and all of the Thomas the train songs. It is something the kids enjoy, and I must admit, I find myself humming a few of these songs as I go about my day.

Are there songs that remind you of someone, or a favorite place? As a couple do you have a "song?" What songs or theme songs do you now sing since becoming a parent? How has your love of music changed over the years?

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