Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Dare: 128

Today's Prompt: I broke it...

There is nothing worse in the eyes of a child, than when you must admit to them, "I broke it." This has happened several times, and I have felt horrible, here is the short story of how I broke the much loved WWE wrestling ring. To this day Mikey reminds me of how I broke it, and every time he says it I just feel like slime!

I was rushing into the boys room to get wet wipes as Ryan had a major blow out. The boys has spent most of the evening building a "garage," to service their cars. This included blocks and whatever else they could find to build the walls. In my rush to get to the needed supplies, to clean up Ryan...I stepped right onto the wrestling ring, and heard a snap. I had stepped right into the center of it, and it now looked as if an earthquake had left a crevasse in the surface of the wrestling mat. Yes, I was guilty, and the boys just looked at me in horror. I just had broken one of Mikey's birthday gifts, and something they really enjoyed playing with. Ryan still stank to high heaven...and Mikey's lip now quivered in a way that just said total broken heart. I felt horrible, like Godzilla, and just stood there with my foot still on the stupid toy. As if in slow motion, I slowly removed my foot from the devastation. I quickly grabbed the wet wipes, cleaned up Ryan, and begged Mikey for mercy! "Oh, Buddy, Mommy is SO sorry! ... Mommy, will fix it!"  He was bawling and just kept repeating "Mommy, broke my ring. Mommy, stepped on it." I then went into, I can fix it mode...where was the flipping supper glue? Would duct tape fix it... it had fixed numerous other things... how on earth was I going to mend my son's broken heart, forget the stupid toy!

Needless to say it was damaged beyond repair, and super glue did not work. Maybe a new one will show up magically one night while the kids are sleeping? Or in a guilt filled moment, I will go and get one so that Mikey wont remind me whenever possible that "Mommy, broke my toy."

Have you broken one of your child's toys? Did you just feel slimy and guilty about it? How did you mend their broken hearts, after the horrible event? If they didn't see it happen, did you confess immediately?

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  1. I don't think I have broke any of the toys yet. But last week our cat decided to pee on my daughter's favorite princess coloring book. It broke her heart that she couldn't keep it, so I have to buy a new princess book.

  2. Aw! I think this has happened to us all. Mine most recently was last week when I'm pretty sure I killed my kids baby chickens. My Dad got my daughter a little mini incubator for her bday and this was our first experience with one. Little did I know, I needed to stop turning the eggs 3 days before they hatched. Needless to say, I was still turning the mess out of them! Of course they didn't hatch, I had to explain when I figured it out, there were tears...not fun. My husband's new term of endearment is the chicken murderer :( He thinks he's funny.

    Anyway, I'm coming over from the Spring Fling to say hello! Hope you have an awesome rest of your week :)

    Erika from Southern Belle as an Army Wife

  3. I imagine, on some level, it's important to see that even mommys aren't perfect and brake thing, and make mistakes. Maybe it'll make him feel better the next time he brakes something- it happened to mom, it happens to everyone! visiting from SITS!

  4. I haven't had that experience yet - my kiddo is only 2 1/2 so I don't know that she understands "broken" yet. She knows that when something's not working she tells mama to "fix it", but I have yet to break something beloved. Not looking forward to it! Stopped by from Spring Fling!

  5. Stopping by from SITs! I like your writing prompts that you do. =)