Monday, May 7, 2012

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Today's Prompt: I'm a Sister...

I wear many hats, I'm a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend to so many people I love. I wasn't always a Sister, and looking back I am so honored to have this accolade. There was a time in my life, that I was an only child. It was just me, and I didn't know any other way. Then in two very different ways, I became a step sister and a half sister. I never understood why emphasis was put on "step" and "half," when ever introductions were made, but I was a sibling and I relished in it. To me they were my brothers, and I never thought any other way!

I never knew what it was like to bicker all day long or have to share my toys with a sibling. If I didn't like something one of the boys did, I just escaped into my room, and it was the end of it. I remember the day my parents married, and one of my brothers telling me we were stuck together, but having a sister was pretty cool. Jason and Brian were awesome as far as brothers go. They always brought something new to the table, and their weekend visits brought new things for me to learn about. I certainly didn't know anything about Transformers, painting model cars, rock climbing, Metallica, or G.I Joe. Through our adventures, I would learn that we did not have lobsters living in our creek, the boys were much better bowlers than I was, allergies suck, and that cats do not always land on their feet.

The day that Matthew was born, I remember being so excited! When I arrived at the hospital, I gave Christopher a huge hug, and just started bawling. Little Christopher, just didn't understand why his big sister was crying, and said "Why are you crying Jen-Jen, he is my little brother, and he is coming home with us." As I was 13 years older than Chris, I was just coming to understand how very lucky I was to have these little guys in my life. Through them I learned all of the words to the Barney songs, Power Rangers were cool, little league baseball is a blast to watch, fell in love all over again with high school wrestling, and a conversation about Harry Potter can lead to much deeper conversations!

I think of those times, and then look at my two boys. They wont have to deal with a moody hormonal drama queen of a sister. They wont be asking anyone to have a tea party or to reenact the latest episode of Punky Brewster. They will have one another to protect, just as my brothers tried to do with me. They will be brothers, and face new adventures together, just as I did with my 4 brothers. Most of all they will never have to face the world alone, and I find great joy and comfort in that!

Do you have brothers? Were you the only girl? Were you the oldest, and remember when a new sibling joined the family? Now as a parent, does it change the way you look at your siblings?  

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  1. Great post! My brother and I are super close...he was my maid of honor at my wedding!! You are right, siblings are a beautiful gift! Visting from the SITS link up!
    Sarahlynne of merelymothers

  2. What a touching post about the beauties of a blended family. It's wonderful that you don't accept the limitations of designations like 'half' or 'step'.

  3. I have 6 brothers and They all bring a different element to my life. I also have 2 sisters one older one younger. Parenting doesn't really change my view of siblings. I have always thought they were pretty cool and glad I had many of them. I learned so much from having a large family.