Monday, May 14, 2012

Blog Dare: 136

Today's Prompt: The best vacation memory...

The first time I saw the ocean in Florida has to be one of the best vacation memories, I  have from my childhood. I grew up in the Midwest, and had never seen a real beach or sand outside of a sandbox.  I couldn't wait to see all of the major sights, and loved every moment once we arrived, but something else was calling to me! The beach was the highlight of the whole trip. We arrived at the beach, and I just couldn't wait to take off my sandals, to feel the sand with my toes. The sand was cool, as it was still early in the day, ad it wasn't quite what I expected. I walked to the water, and was surprised that the water wasn't crystal clear but it was still beautiful. The sounds were exactly as I had dreamed, and the sound of the wave rolling into the sand was louder than I thought it would be. I was shocked at the seagulls, and how fearless they were toward us. (When we ate lunch, they stole our shoe string french fries, right out of the can.) I was so excited to see a small crab scurrying away from the waves, and ran to see it up close. The crab stopped, opened and closed his big claws, and I screamed and ran away as quickly as I could. I thought the thing was going to chase me, but when I looked back it was moving as fast as it could away from me in the opposite direction. I went into the water with my Aunt, a wave knocked me off balance, and I fell into the water. My first taste of salty ocean water was not fun, and I was hacking and coughing all while trying to stand back up in the waves. I finally learned how to balance in the waves, and just enjoyed the water. My Aunt and Step-Mother then taught me how to wiggle my toes in the sand under the water to search for sand dollars. We found one, and I was shocked to learn that living sand dollars are not bleach white. We made a sand castle, and it was washed away by the rolling waves. It was kind of cool to watch, as it was a way for nature to reclaim what was really hers in the first place. I loved the beach, and we wrapped up our day by filling a sand bucket, with sea shells. There was just something so calming and relaxing about the beach! We have been back to Florida, but the magic and wonder was nothing like my first visit.

Do you remember your first time seeing the ocean? Did you like the sand and water? Did you fight a seagull for your lunch?  Why do you love the beach?
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