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Today's Prompt: A funny moment in childhood athletics...

Our boys haven't started little league sports, but we know our time is coming very soon. Mikey, Ryan, and Daddy kick the soccer ball around, or play catch in the back yard. Recently Mikey was kicking the ball to Daddy, when he got really into playing, he told us:

"I'm going to kick this ball all the way to Mars!"

He backed up, and kicked the soccer ball as hard as he could and it bounced off of the tree in the center of our yard. The ball came flying back, and landed nearly where it started from. Mikey laughed and looked right at us, and said "I guess the ball was not cleared for launch."

Ryan isn't as coordinated as he would like to be, and he just made us laugh when he was playing with his Tball stand. He set the ball on it, and would do a really cute wiggle of his butt, with the bat on his shoulder, and swing the bat. He only swished the air, and rarely makes contact with the ball, but he is starting to really put it all together.

I look forward to little league, and watching the games from the sidelines. I don't want to be one of "those," moms and embarrass my boys for really enjoying and cheering them on. Yet, I know all moms are like that on some level, and have just figured it all out and make it look cool, calm, and classy while supporting their kids from the side lines. So, bring on little league, and any other activity the kids want to take part in!

What age did your kids start playing sports? Are you calm and classy on the sidelines or wild and cheering the team on? What funny things have you seen while watching your child play sports?

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