Blog Dare: 141

Today's Prompt: A past time of my husband or children that I can't understand...

I wish I could understand the love that my husband and sons have for professional wrestling! I enjoy watching it with them, as it has become a family past time, but there is something about it, that I just have to say I do not understand! My son just loves John Cena and Triple H, and I find it hilarious that he talks about them as if they are family. Last Thanksgiving, he told a friend of ours "You can't see me," and then waved his hand in front of his face. Our friend looked at me, looked at my husband...and we just smiled.

I grew up watching professional wrestling with my Aunt Lisa. I might have been pinned a few too many times, and attempted to hold my own...when the matches became real, in the middle of my living room. I learned how to pump up the "crowd," and my uncles would cheer us on.

Yet, now that my family watches wrestling every Monday, I find myself saying "Are we really fans?" I'm not sure why professional wrestling has a stigma or is looked down upon, but it is. I see it as entertainment, and see how much all three of my guys enjoy it. It has become a way to bond, and pretend, and a topic of conversation. It is something that we do as a family, but if you disagree I understand that too.

What do your boys enjoy, that you or society just doesn't understand? Are you fans of professional wrestling? Do you watch something even though you are not a big fan, but you know how much your family enjoys it? 

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