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Today's Prompt: A friend I haven't seen or talked to in awhile...

My Mom's dog Blu, is a dear friend and I haven't seen her in a year! She comes up in conversation, every time the kids talk about my Mom. "Mommy? Is Grandma, Papa, and Blu at home? Does Blu miss me?" I am amazed how my Mom's dog, has become a member of our family, almost like a sister. She means so much to my parents, and goes every where with them. She is a very dear companion of my Mother, and spends lap time with my Dad.

This little dachshund greets you at the door, and is just so happy to see you! She snuggles and gives hugs, and loves nothing more than to just be close to you. She is an amazing listener, and looks you right in the eyes when you talk to her. Blu's very blue eyes are very expressive, and she loves to talk to you with them. Her eyes draw you in, by telling you when she is happy or looks away when she knows she has gotten into trouble.

I miss this little dog! Little Blu is a very dear friend, and I miss our "chats!" Do you have a pet that "speaks," to you with their eyes? Do your parents have a pet that has become a beloved member of the family?

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