Blog Dare: 145

Today's Prompt: A favorite pair of...

A favorite pair of sunglasses, never leave the car if Mikey has anything to say about it! It started early and we have cousin Dylan to thank. Dylan passed down a pair of sunglasses to Mikey, when he was just three years of age. Mikey always has a pair near, just in the event it is sunny as we drive all over town. He has several pairs, but his favorite pair has been the Spiderman pair, that has was given years ago.

It has been funny to see Ryan's general distain for sunglasses, partly due to his inability to keep the sunglasses on his ears. The sunglasses always fall off his ears, and he just gets frustrated! We found him a pair of camouflage sunglasses, and they seem to fit him better.

Do your children wear sunglasses? Do they take them every where? Do you have a favorite pair that your children know you will also wear?
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