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Today's Prompt: What my childhood self thought this age would be like...

As a child I knew I would achieve three things, and nothing was going to hold me back from achieving those things! First of all, I was going to marry Neil Patrick Harris, as in there was never a question if he would marry me. Second, I knew that I loved animals and would have a house or barn filled with them. Third, I knew that I would always live close to home and my parents, as that is just where I belonged.

Little did I know that Neil Patrick Harris, did not have a clue as to who I was, or that he liked boys. In my heart we were destined  to be together and as his biggest fan, of course the only natural thing to do would be to fall madly in love with me, and we would be very happy together! Obviously this did not happen, and I look back at it and wonder what the heck was I thinking? He is still a very handsome man, and still captivates an audience!

I am a little surprised that our family doesn't have a bunch of pets, but this just isn't the case. Mike did not grow up with large animals, but his family always had a dog. I keep waiting for the day that Mikey or Ryan ask for a dog, just to see how Mike reacts. We are not opposed to having a pet, we just don't have one.

When Mike and I moved out of the small town I grew up in, I knew that would not live close enough to just drop in on my parents. Once we moved to the East coast, I knew the gap was even greater. The longer I was away, I came to realize that even my parents needed their space, and living close to them just wasn't in the plans for our family.

My childhood self thought that NPH was so cute, my parents hung the moon, and that everyone needs a pet. How did you see yourself as an adult? Did you have a big plan? Did anything happen to come true?
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