Blog Dare: 147

Today's Prompt: The worst movie I have seen in awhile...

I wish I could say that I have seen a horrible movie, so I could rip it to shreds. I have only seen good movies lately, and the list of good movies has only grown due to availability and how quickly they are coming out for home viewing. Thanks to our local library and quick kiosk rental stands, my husband and I have been able to watch just about everything we have wanted to see in the theaters.

If I were to talk about a movie being in the "disappointing," category, I would I have to talk about some of the cheesy kids movies, that seem to be my boys favorites to watch repeatedly. We have watched the "Potty Time With Bear," over and over again as Ryan thinks it is a great movie. It only falls into the "disappointing," category as the subject matter is very clear, but my knuckle head little boy hasn't grasped the concept, and we are working on month number 6 of potty training. We have yet find a movie or book that has helped us on our potty training journey. I now have much of the movie memorized, and find myself chuckling along. My only disappointment is that it isn't the cure all or magic trick to train my kid. Totally not the movie's fault, and we love the movie!

Have you found a movie or book that has helped in your potty training journey? What movies does your family watch over and over? Seen a rotten movie lately?

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