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Today's Prompt: A reality I am having a hard time grasping...

A reality I am having a hard time grasping is that my Sister-In-Law, Melinda isn't here to see our children. She passed two years before the birth of our first child. I know she would have loved them with every fiber of her being. She was a great mom to her son Dylan, and I know she would have been a great aunt to our boys. I am amazed that time is flying by, and that she has already been gone for 7 years.
In the waiting room, waiting for news of Dylan's arrival - 1999

Her handsome son just completed the seventh grade, and I am floored that he is now an eighth grader! How on earth did that happen? We were there the day he arrived early as a 3lb preemie. We were selected as Dylan's Godparents, and stood by Melinda's side as she smiled with pride when her son was baptized into the Catholic Church. She raised her son the the best of her ability as a single mother. She did everything she could do to love and support her little guy!
Dylan Michael Fortner - 2007
I know she would remind me that, boys are awesome. Boys pee every where, and are just naturally disgusting. She would remind me that boys will be rough and tumble, but can be very loving minutes later. She would remind me that children are worth the time and effort. She would remind me that there will be days that you will question your sanity, and then your little guy will do something that will melt your heart!

Melinda is always in our hearts, and we miss her dearly. We talk about her as much as we can, so that her name is never forgotten. Her son Dylan is honoring her memory, just by being awesome and has become a fine young man. We wish she was here, and hope that she watches over us.

Do you miss a family member? Do you wish a family member would have seen and loved your children, before they passed away?

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  1. What a beautiful tribute! I do have family members that I miss. My husband's father passed away before we even got married. I'm sad that my kids never knew him (I think you have inspired a post I should do). My Nana and Papa would have loved my kids. It makes me sad that my kids will never know these awesome people.

  2. Oh Jenny, I didn't know about your sister in law. I have always wondered about Dylan but never asked. I understand what you guys are going through. We talk about Nicole all the time so the girls know about their aunt. It is such a difficult situation and a sucky one too.


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