Blog Dare: 152

Today's Prompt: Two flavors that should never go together...
Two flavors that should never go together, are peanut butter and bacon. Yet, you add chocolate, and OMG it is just delicious! I don't know why bacon is so good, but it is! When I found this recipe, I knew I just had to try it. At first it was more just for the novelty, and fun of trying something new. I followed the recipe per the instructions from Betty Crocker. (No way, I would have come up with a bacon and peanut butter recipe, that would actually taste great once baked.) The recipe was super simple, and the boys enjoyed trying something new. The flavors were odd, but the end result was delicious!
Have you tried mixing "odd." flavors? Have you found that mixing in a strange item, has produced surprising results? What strange flavors have you shared with your family?


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